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Can Ayurveda products help with weight gain?

Weight gain and Weight loss are problems that humanity has been constantly fighting, for several years. However It’s a incontrovertible fact that more and more people are trying to find how to affect the overweight. In the same vein most of the diet regimens are aimed toward weight loss. On the other hand, There is, most of people that need the opposite. But as a percentage, they are less than compare to the overweight people. Meanwhile this doesn’t mean that their problems are less. As underweight women often have problems conceiving. They’re susceptible to miscarriage , breast cancer, arthritis, hair loss, as well as lung infections, weak immune system and other diseases. That one among the most causes is strictly the low weight.

“Weight Gain” If you are underweight Ayurveda recommends the following…

Start with two main things to increase weight. Firstly To understand what’s your body type and constitution (prakriti). or whether there’s any imbalance in your constitution. But if you can’t determine yourself which is your dosha and whether it’s in an imbalance. it’s good to go to a number of the specialized ayurvedic centers where you’ll get answers to all or any your questions.

Secondly, Knowing your dosha and whether it’s in an imbalance is beneficial. because if you’re with Vata dosha, then you almost certainly have weight problems all of your life. Meanwhile people with Vata constitution are ruled by the air element. and that they reduce sooner and simply compared to people with Pitta dosha and other people with Kapha dosha. 

10 ways to gain weight according to Ayurveda-

Get rid of the accumulated toxins-

Cleansing of the body isn’t recommended just for weight loss, likewise also for the other. First and foremost step to gain weight is to clean the intestines. Therefore you’ll free some space for the great intestinal bacteria and you’ll eliminate stress.


Ayurveda recommends few minute meditation a day. As meditation or prayer has very powerful effect on the distribution of beneficial intestinal bacteria. In the same vein it maintain the better condition of the intestines and the digest system. Yoga is also one of the best alternative for weight gain.

Stimulate digestion-

Poor digestion is one of the main reasons for the lack to gain weight. The stomach, bile and pancreas need to function properly. So as to be ready to digest food in order that they are often properly absorbed by the organism.

Most digestive problems occur when one among these organs isn’t balanced. The simplest thanks to stimulate digestion and to balance the digestive organs is to consume cumin, ginger, coriander, dill and cardamom. You’ll cook with these spices, to season your food, to consume them as a tea or within the sort of natural herbal capsules before eating.

Eat heavy, warm and nutritious food-

Increase weight, is sweet to consume foods with high proteins, starch and fats. Therefore, this includes eating of more starch foods, nuts, roots, cereals, oil and other. Especially excellent for the aim is consumption of ghee butter. Likewise you can cook with ghee, add it to your milk or consume it directly.

Eat a few times during the day-

Firstly you restore your digestive power, it’s recommended to eat between 4 and 5 times each day. Once you eat, don’t hurry.

Eat first the heavier foods-

To gain weight, Ayurveda recommends when eating to start out with the heaviest food and to end with the lightest one. Start with the sweetest and heavy food, further switch to the proteins and fat and finish with vegetables.

Consume more milk-

Dairy products are the perfect food to gain weight. That is to say the milk (cow‘s or goat’s) may be a strong food, rich in carbohydrates, fats and proteins. To gain weight is, it’s good per day to drink 3 glasses of natural, unpasteurized milk from freely bred animals.

Warm the milk on low heat before consuming. But if you don’t like fresh milk, then you’ll replace it with yoghurt, which although isn’t that good to gain weight compared to the fresh milk however, it’s rich in fat and proteins.

Foods that will help you gain weight-

Potatoes – Forbidden in most weight loss diets, potatoes are the perfect food to gain your weight. Therefore You can eat them at lunch, at dinner and enjoy every bite of the complete of carbohydrates, fiber, plant proteins and vitamins – rich potatoes.

Nuts –  Similarly another food that’s high calorie and people who want to reduce need to avoid it. But not you! So you can add the nuts to your daily menu.

Bananas and Avocados– These two fruits are very useful and effective for weight gain. As consistent with Ayurveda, if you would like to increase your weight, consequently you’ve got to eat two bananas after each meal for a couple of months, and you’ll certainly gain weight.

Peanut butter –  Above all this butter isn’t only incredibly tasty and rich in useful nutrients, but if you consume it regularly for breakfast, certainly it’ll help you to gain weight as well as in a very tasty and healthy way.

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