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    Dietician Expert

      Why Mahrishi Kripa Shakti Ayurveda ?

      Maharishi Kripa Shakti is a reliable Ayurveda organization that not only provides medicine for any disease, it also gives information about its treatment. The institution also provides treatment through yoga. Yoga is the science that teaches restraint, control, discipline, meditation, integrity, non-violence and balance in life. Along with this, it gives information about health related tips which prove to be effective in our lifestyle. Ayurveda works on three doshas in the world, the first is Vata, which is associated with energy and the nervous system.The other is pitta which is associated with digestion and metabolism. And the third is Kapha which protects the body tissue as well as strengthens the immunity power. Maharishi Kripa Shakti provides the treatment of diseases under these three. Maharishi Shri Vishwa Ratna has achieved greatness in the treatment of Ayurveda by combining its qualities and natural healers. Today, it is Maharishi Shri Vishwa Ratna who has taken Ayurveda to the world.

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      I gained insights about the habits which work against me and for me on a day to day level
      Sr. Consultant
      They worked hard to help me and clearly went beyond what I would have expected for the price of the consultations.
      You are a wonderful example of a kind, caring and calm person and you made me feel better .
      Support Engineer
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